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Only Two Day's, they will take over your Entire House.


This parasite has a 100% success rate when it comes to latching onto dogs and Yours Is No Exception! 

A Flea can lay 50 Eggs A Day, so they will inevitably Start To Spread!

Fleas are a serious problem, especially since they can Impact Your Pet’s And Family Health!


When Your Pet Has Fleas, Call The Doctor!

Unlike any other pet comb/flea remover on the market, this chemical-free, electronic pet comb finds, kills & removes pesky fleas from your pet in just minutes! Chemical applications are expensive, are a mess to apply, and are not always effective. With the Flea Doctor™, you can save time and money! Guaranteed effective, Flea Doctor™ is purrfect for all ages of pets with different types of hair including various dogs and cats. Safe to use on human skin, your pets will absolutely love being groomed with this comb. Stop the scratching and biting, and kill fleas the chemical-free way with Flea Doctor™!

How It Works

The secret is the Comfort Charge Technology that reaches deep into your pet's coat, finds the fleas, kills them, and removes them from your pet. Simply brush through your cat or dog's hair, and let the comb do all the work! The comb releases a slight electric charge that instantly kills the fleas, while you and your pet won't feel a thing. In fact, your pet will LOVE the soothing grooming effects of the Flea Doctor™.

Product Highlights

  • Comfort Charge Technology kills fleas on contact

  • Removes dead fleas from fur

  • Uses an electrical charge to kill fleas - chemical-FREE!

  • Combs gently through your pet's hair and feels soothing

  • Can be used on dogs and cats of all ages and fur types/lengths