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Sputnik news agency on June 4 quoted a preliminary estimate of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that nearly half of the accidents take place in the evening and at night, which is mainly caused by the loss of vision and light from the opposite vehicle, making the driver limited in visibility and not master the speed.


Are these problems you often encounter when you are in traffic at night?

If you often participate in traffic at night and often encounter problems like the above, then this is the solution for you.
An extremely important companion on every step of your journey.

We would like to introduce, our new invention won the Innovation Award for the Community in 2020:
Anti-glare glasses Zapoka

✔️ Help your eyes see more clearly, avoid being limited by car lights, protect your eyes from harmful light rays.

✔️ Provides better image quality, no interference by reflected light.

✔️ Protect eyes, enhance vision and effectively prevent glare.

✔️ Gives you complete peace of mind when going out without worrying about inconvenience.

✔️ Modern, compact design.

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✔️ Super lightweight with an easy-to-fit design that is very comfortable to wear.

HD Night Vision Glasses For Driving As Seen On TV - Best Anti-Glare Sunglasses

 Anti-glare lenses are composed of different coatings. May be mentioned as:

* Anti-scratch coating: This is a necessary coating, which helps to avoid scratching the glass, obstructing vision.
* Anti-reflective coating (AR): This is a coating with anti-glare effect. Evening, especially at night, is the time when many street lights and traffic lights are easily dazzling.
* Anti-UV Coating: Many lens materials are available with UV protection features such as Polycarbonate, High index. However, plastic glasses are not available. Therefore, if you choose to buy eyeglasses from Plastic, you should have a UV protection coating.
* Crizal oil scum coating: This coating works very well with a series of advantages such as 25 times more UV protection. In addition, this coating is also anti-blue light, anti-scratch, anti-reflective. In particular, minimizing fingerprints on the glass surface, maximum water resistance ...

Glare from the light of the vehicle ahead is a major cause of nighttime vehicle crashes.

Keep you safe on every ride with our latest and greatest anti-glare glasses.
Zapoka - For your safety every step of the way!