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"A Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint For Starting & Scaling A Profitable One Product Store" (Backed By Real Case Studies)
Discover my exact strategy for starting a profitable store
Based around two “reveal all” case studies ($1 million in 5 months, and $300k in 2 months). Includes over 10 hours of video content and lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook group.
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What is eCom Blueprint?
eCom Blueprint is a case study based course in which I reveal two of my dropshipping stores - one that generated over $1 million in 5 months, and the other over $300k in 2 months (approx. 20% profit for both).

You get to see behind the scenes how I launched these stores, ran the ads, and managed all the operations. The goal with this course is to give you a proven step-by-step blueprint to follow.

What's New in the 2.0 Version?
eCom Blueprint 2.0 contains over 4 hours of new content, covering my latest Facebook ads strategies in-depth and revealing a new case study.

In the new case study, you will learn about a store that I started from scratch in June 2019 and quickly scaled to over $300k in sales. 

What You Will Learn
  • ​How to select a proven product to build a one-product brand around
  • How to create a high-converting store using a simple but effective template
  • How to kickstart your sales and gather data using cost-effective influencer ads
  • How to launch a product with Facebook ads and generate sales consistently
  • ​How to scale to $5000/day in profitable ad spend with Facebook ads
  • ​How to make attention-grabbing video ads that convert sales
  • How to effectively automate order fulfillment & lower costs with an agent
  • How to structure your customer service team with virtual assistants
  • How to develop the winning mindset you need in order to succeed
  • Includes two "reveal-it-all" case studies ($1 million in 5 months, and $300k in 2 months)
More Reasons to Join
  • 60 lessons, 10 hours of video content, & free updates for important changes 
  • ​Get access to a very active private Facebook group with myself and other course members
  • ​Get the contact information for my dropshipping agent to reduce your product costs & shipping times
  • You understand the dropshipping model and know how to set up a simple store with Shopify
  • ​You understand the basics of Facebook ads (setting up your ad account, creating a campaign, etc.)
  • ​You’ve watched my free course playlist on YouTube already, and you want to take things to the next level
Ready to Take Action?
Not sure if this will work for you? Don't take my word for it - here are some student success stories taken from inside the private group:
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What's the difference between this course and your YouTube channel?
A: The main difference is that this course is case study based. Everything is taught by showing real examples from my stores, which I don't reveal outside the course.

You get to see everything: the stores, the products, the ads... I take you inside my ads manager to show you exactly how I managed & scaled the ads. I also show you how I outsourced customer service, streamlined order fulfillment, and much more.

I strongly believe that if you've already taken in my free content and you understand my strategy, seeing two real case studies will make everything click.
Q: What is the structure of the course?
A: There are 8 modules (excluding intro/outro modules) and 60 video lessons. 

Here is a preview of the modules: Mindset for Success, Proven Product Selection, One-Product Store Creation, Influencer Ads Academy, Facebook Ads Blueprint, Facebook Ads Blueprint 2.0, Case Study 2.0, Store Automation & Operations
Q: Is there a private group for the course members?
A: Yes, there is an exclusive Facebook group for course members where you can mastermind with me and 4000+ other motivated entrepreneurs. I am consistently engaging & responding to questions in the group on a daily basis.
Many of the group members have years of experience and have already achieved massive success with eCommerce. The amount of value you can get from the group alone is worth the price.
Q: Do you mentor all course members individually? 
A: I don't have time to individually mentor everyone who joins the course. However, there is a private group included with the course where you can regularly engage with me and all the other course members.
Q: Can I buy the course now and keep it for later? 
A: Yes, all the content is hosted on a membership website where you can log on anytime to get access.
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